Monday, October 5, 2009

It's been a year?

Yes. It has. It has been a year since we landed on the other side of the world, settled into life on an island, and it's been a year since having real American food.
And the real American food bit is especially depressing because I'm craving it. BECAUSE


Yes, we decided now was the time to create a new work of art, and her/his name will be London. Right now she's almost 3 months in the oven. And I want Taco Bell. And trees, and fresh air... but I digress...

So as you can see, in this span of time, we've done a lot, we've grown a lot, we've found out a lot about ourselves, and we've followed our hearts to new and exciting places. You've seen some of it on this blog. But this is only the beginning. We have plans...

Our plan, if you want to be in on the secret, goes like this...
*shhh... don't tell anyone*
We are buying a van, selling our scooter, our furniture, and stuff we don't need. We going to load up our van, say goodbye to our wonderful friends here, pack up our pencils and sewing machines and take the ferry across to the South Island.

Up and moving to a new island we've never been to has been a technique that has worked well for us so far. Our destination: Nelson. The sunniest spot in NZ, and also the main arts-and-crafts area. To top it off, Abel Tasman national park is nearby, and there are both rivers AND ocean beaches. Plus, there are caves in the area, and all kinds of fun stuff to explore. The cost of living is lower and we can live closer to nature.
Sounds like the perfect place to raise a baby, and to pursue artistic endeavors.

Wonder what the next year will bring...


Linda said...

Tammy Tammy, congratulations!!! I check in on your blog and am so excited about London! She will be an artist as soon as she arrives!
So exciting about your newest adventures also. Miss you, so glad you guys are living your dream. Take care,

Linda said...

This is from Michelle:
OMG! A baby. Tammy a Mom???? You will be wonderful. Jason better be ready to make fruit smoothies. That is a good sugar fix for those cravings. I am truly happy for you two. You are so free and I am a little jealous. God Bless. Michelle Sallee